"you shall love the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of egypt"

deuteronomy chapter 10 : 19

"WE FORGOT THAT IT HAPPENED TO US AND WE DONT WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE"                      Joey Low, Founder Israel At Heart


we are israel at heart

Israel at heart was founded in 2002 as a non profit organization whose single concern is the well being of Israel.  We wish to do everything we can to promote a better understanding of Israel and its people. We are not part of any Jewish organization, do not represent any government agency or political party and are, therefore, free to express ourselves in any way we wish.

In the past year the organization has focused its energy and resources on defeating the governments deportation policy. Over the last 8 years, the organization has provided more than 40 full scholarships to young refugees who were looking to receive a higher education. Since launching our programs, our students have graduated from top colleges with degrees in law, government studies, business, communication and psychology.

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Over the years, israel at heart has initiated a number of programs intended to promote a better understanding of Israel and its people


in the last decade Israel at Heart has organized and funded hundreds of students delegations to campuses and communities in the US and around the world. We believe students have the power to tell Israel's true story better then any media report or politician


Since 2006 Israel At Heart has funded hundreds of scholarships at the IDC in Herzeliyah for Ethiopian Israelis.   We believe that this community deserves the opportunity to get top level education, which will help enable them to take their rightful positions within Israeli society.

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In the last decade the organization has brought top Israeli artists like Ivri Lider, Idan Raichel, and Hatikva 6, to the US to  play in front of college students at campuses across the country. This was meant to expose American audiences to the musical culture of Israel.


In addition, brought a basketball team made up of college players from Israel to play American college teams over a three week period 


In 2010 Israel At Heart began giving scholarships to African asylum seekers at the IDC, who wished to study while in Israel, so that when they returned back to their home countries, they could become the leaders, who would hopefully improve the lives of their countrymen.


Over the past few months we have devoted our energy and resources to combatting the deportation policy adopted by the Israeli Government.

We feel it is a policy which is both morally wrong from a Jewish value perspective and equally foolish from what is best for Israel's self interest.

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