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Ethiopian Israeli Students Delegation 2011

Over the past eight years, Israel at Heart has been bringing young, eloquent, bright university students who love their country, for speaking tours across the US and other parts of the world. Among these students, it was extremely important for us to include Ethiopian Israelis as they present the multicultural aspect of the Israeli society [...]

Student Delegations

One of the methods we found to be most effective in promoting a better understanding of Israel is personal encounters between eloquent and interesting Israeli university students and their counterparts around the globe. Our students, carefully selected, represent the diversity of Israel’s society, its voice, and its challenges. They share their personal stories about …

Basketball Delegations


In November 2004, we assembled a team comprised of students from different u niversities in Israel and arranged nine games at NCAA division three colleges in the Boston and New York City areas. The team played Basketball and spoke at different venues about life in Israel. A program followed each game where American students …

Ethiopian Israeli Lawyers and Law Students

In one of the most significant trips we have done, we brought nine Ethiopian-Israeli lawyers and law students to the US to speak about their lives in Israel.  The most popular subject for discussion was racism, discrimination and the Ethiopian Jews integration in Israeli society.  We sent three students to Atlanta, three to Washington …

Israel at Heart International Fellowship Program

Israel at Heart International Fellowship Program We started a program that can engage the many bright, energetic and enthusiastic Israelis studying abroad and the countless more leaving Israel in pursuit of their graduate studies abroad every year. We offer these Israelis, an opportunity to join the Israel at heart network. Our plan is to have Israelis who [...]