African refugee scholarship program at the IDC

In 2011 , we provided 12 outstanding students a scholarship to attend the       Interdisciplinary Center College in Herzylia.  The students come from        Eritrea, the Darfur region of Sudan, and Somalia .The students awarded the    scholarships study government, psychology and communication. By  providing them with a scholarship, we hope to help provide these students  with a bright future for themselves and their communities

In addition we supported several social projects involving the African    refugee community in Israel. These projects included sponsoring a  community center that facilitated a community atmosphere that responded  to community needs. The community center serves as a focal point for  activities reaching women, children and others in the community.  The  center offers English courses, after-school programming for children, hosts a women’s empowerment course, serves as the site for community events and meetings and is the organization’s office.

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