Israel at Heart Fellowship Program at IDC Herzliya


Israel at Heart fellowship Program for Outstanding Ethiopian Israeli Students
strives to advance Israeli society by identifying promising, young Ethiopian Israelis and provide them with education that will allow them to serve as Israel's next generation of leaders. The program makes special efforts to reach out to these students and provide them with resources and tools to succeed in earning academic degrees so they can achieve their full potential. By the end of their program, it is expected they lead important roles in Israeli society, otherwise, unavailable to them due to their low socio-economic status and lack of opportunities. 

Our Outstanding Ethiopian Israeli Students were born in Ethiopia, come from large families and for many, have illiterate parents. These students are the primary breadwinners of the family. They may not have scored high on the typical Israeli college entrance exams or even had high GPA in high school; but they served as officers in elite units in the Israeli army, come with outstanding recommendations from their commanders, have records of leadership within their communities, and have demonstrated responsibility, discipline and goal orientation.